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ANNA Clover

4 months ago

I am seriously in love with this store. I went today just to browse. The variety of items within the booths were amazing. Some have housewares, some have great signs, art and I even saw large pieces of leather in one. I saw so many items I wanted to buy, i just didn't have the time. Oh and I didn't even see the downstairs! This would be an excellent place if you were changing your decor. Highly recommend.


Angie G.

2 months ago

Love this place! The downstairs is where the antique stuff is, upstairs seems to be new and more expensive. But it's a wonderful store to browse and has tons to offer.


Sharon Plotkin

3 months ago

What a beautiful place owned by Dolores who is a beautiful as her antiques. I always stop in for a chat and a new treasure when I pass through. Don't miss out!


Michael Fellini

5 months ago

Very interesting spot with eclectic items throughout the 20,000sq ft showroom. Located on 2 floors with numerous setups. From beginning to end your eyes will be active in trying to see everything inside. Beautiful artifacts to items that will bring you back to your childhood. It is a sensory overload. Plan on spending at least a couple hours if you really want to see all they have . Even that might be not enough.... If you like to look for hard to find items, this may be your spot ....


Drop Thrill

a month ago

Much larger than you think when you walk in. Nice store.

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