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HAUGESUND 2023 New Nordic Films

Haugesund’s New Nordic Films announces its Nordic Co-Production Market projects


- The prominent Norwegian festival's market will feature pitches for a combined total of 24 new projects in development

Haugesund’s New Nordic Films announces its Nordic Co-Production Market projects
Black Water by Aga Woszczyńska (© Lava Films)

Set to take place from 22-25 August, as part of the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund, the 2023 New Nordic Films edition is ready to launch. The prominent industry market has unveiled its Work in Progress line-up (read the news), and during the 18th Nordic Co-Production Market on Wednesday 23 August, a curated selection of 24 projects will be presented to accredited industry professionals, seeking funding, co-production collaborations, sales representation, and other opportunities.

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Among the selected project are Arrogance, a satire about an ideologically unemployed Ossi in a world of work-loving ”lambs” by Finland’s Ville Jankeri (Forest Giant [+see also:
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); Bestiere, an elevated horror project written and directed by Danish filmmaker Jonas Kærup Hjort (The Penultimate [+see also:
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); Black Water, a suspense drama set on the Baltic Sea, by Polish filmmaker Aga Woszczyńska (Silent Land [+see also:
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); and the Icelandic thriller City of Lava, directed by Erlingur Óttar Thoroddsen (Rift [+see also:
interview: Erlingur Thoroddsen
film profile

Iranian directors Maryam Moghadam and Behtash Sanaeeha (Ballad of a White Cow [+see also:
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) are presenting Bouran, which focuses on the relationship between two women in a traditional rural society. In her third feature film, The Curse - A Love Story, Swedish filmmaker Amanda Kernell (Charter [+see also:
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) follows Maidi, a female reindeer herder, who depends on her admirer, local leader Heikka, but who is cursed by Heikka when her heart turns to his cousin.

In his third film, Divorce During the War, Lithuanian writer-director Andrius Blaževičius (Runner [+see also:
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) follows a relationship against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine; Danish filmmaker Annika Berg (Team Hurricane [+see also:
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), writes and directs the fantasy-drama Into The Rainbow; and Joe's Assignment is a humorous “grounded sci-fi” with a narrative set in a dystopian future, by Norwegian helmer Jens Lien (Beforeigners).

Among the selected projects, 6 are by Nordic debutant directors. They include two projects from Norway: Elena by Dalia Huerta Cano, and Zarzis by Farzad Samsami. Two projects are from Finland: A Light That Never Goes Out by Lauri-Matti Parppei, and The Elf by Joonas Berghäll and Hannes Vartiainen. One project is from Sweden: Nipster by Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum.

Finally, in the span of two years, beginning in 2023, New Nordic Films will dedicate special attention to fostering co-productions with the UK, with the objective of enhancing collaborative opportunities between the UK and the Nordic countries. Four UK-produced projects will be showcased this year: The DJ by Jørn Utkilen; Gunnar's Daughter; Haven by Adam Berg; and Who Goes There by Astrid Thorvaldsen.

Here is the complete selection of the 18th Nordic Co-Production Market:

A Light That Never Goes Out - Lauri-Matti Parppei (Finland)
Producer: Ilona Tolmunen (Made)

Arrogance - Ville Jankeri (Finland)
Producer: Mete Sasioglu (Sons of Lumière)

Becoming a Landscape - Emily Graves (Canada)
Producer: Aeyliya Husain (November Films)
Co-producer: Nadine Pequeneza (HitPlay Productions)

Bestiere - Jonas Kærup Hjort (Denmark)
Producer: Rikke Tambo Andersen (Tambo Film)

Black Water - Aga Woszczyńska (Poland/Finland/Czech Republic)
Producer: Agnieszka Wasiak (Lava Films)
Co-producers: Liisa Karpo (Napafilms), Jordi Niubo (i/o post)

Bouran - Maryam Moghadam, Betash Sanaeeha (Sweden/Iran)
Producer: Peter Krupenin (HOBAB)

City of Lava - Erlingur Óttar Thoroddsen (Iceland)
Producers: Arnar Benjamín Kristjánsson, Bylgja Ægisdóttir, Þórir Snær Sigurjónsson (Zik Zak)
Co-producer: Scanbox

The Curse - A Love Story - Amanda Kernell (Sweden)
Producer: Eva Åkergren (Nordisk Film Production)
Co-producers: Lisa Marie Kristensen, Per-Josef Idivouma (Forest People)

Divorce During the War - Andrius Blaževičius (Lithuania)
Producer: Marija Razgutė (M-Films)

The DJ - Jørn Utkilen (UK)
Producer: Carolynne Sinclair Kidd (Hopscotch Films)

Elena - Dalia Huerta Cano (Norway/Lithuania/Belgium)
Producer: Elisa Fernanda Pirir (STÆR)
Co-producers: Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė (Just a moment), Eva Kupermann (Stenola Films)

The Elf - Joonas Berghäll, Hannes Vartiainen (Finland/Norway/Belgium)
Producer: Joonas Berghäll (Oktober)
Co-producers: Aleksander Olai Korsnes, Mathis Ståle Mathisen (Rein Film)

Gunnar's Daughter - TBA (UK)
Producer: Angeli Macfarlane (Script Cube Limited)
Co-producers: Rosie Crerar, Ciara Barry (Barry Crerar)

Haven - Adam Berg (UK)
Producers: Christopher Granier-Deferre, Rob Watson (Poisson Rouge Pictures)

The Home - Mattias Skoglund (Sweden)
Producer: Siri Hjorton Wagner ([sic] film)

Into the Rainbow - Annika Berg (Denmark)
Producer: Maria Møller Kjeldgaard (Manna Film)

Joe's Assignment - Jens Lien (Norway/Sweden/Greece)
Producers: Kristin Emblem, Guri Neby (Einar Film)
Co-producers: Martin Persson (Anagram), Nikolas Alavanos (Filmiki)

Lotte & Totte - Mia Fridthjof (Denmark)
Producer: Ronnie Fridthjof (Fridthjof Entertainment)

Nipster - Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum (Sweden)
Producer: Adam Lunneborg (Carbs Film)

Pesta - Hanne Berkaak (Norway/France/Germany)
Producers: Tonje Skar Reiersen, Lise Fearnley (Mikrofilm AS)
Co-producers: Lucie Bolze (Xilam Film), Kristine Knudsen (Knudsen Pictures)

Souls on Tape - Carl Javér (Sweden/France)
Producers: Fredrik Lange and Jonas Kellagher (Vilda Bomben Film AB)
Co-producers: Sébastien Onomo (Special Touch Studios), Common Ground Pictures, Film i Väst

Stargate - Ida Sagmo Tvedte (Norway/Sweden)
Producer: Hege Hauff Hvattum (Motlys)
Co-producer: Agnes Parkrud (B-Reel Films)

Who Goes There - Astrid Thorvaldsen (UK)
Producers: Helen Gladders (Gingerbread Pictures), Oskar Pimlott (Pulse Films)

Zarzis - Farzad Samsami (Norway/Sweden)
Producer: Trude Refsahl (Gorillafilm)
Co-producer: Anna Byvald (Silver Films)

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