The Blogs section no longer exists. This archive will always be available to look through the work of many independent writers.

Cinema Connection

Cinema Connection

Ideas and thoughts about films, but also links to open new horizons and new ways to think about cinema. By Silvia Bigi.  

Eye on North America

Sandy Mandelberger lives and works in New York. Writing from the most European city in North America, he keeps us up-to-date with news about film events that focus on European films and their directors.  

Spanish Box Office

Analysis, trends and critics about the Spanish Box Office  

Made in Italy

Italian and European film industry seen by the journalist and film critic Pedro Armocida . He is the managing director of the Pesaro International Festival of the New Cinema, Armocida collaborates with the newspaper "Il Giornale" and the monthly newspaper "50 & more", he is also the director of the online magazine and is an assistant professor of History and film review at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.  

27 Times Cinema

27 young film lovers from the 27 Member States of the European Union are taking part in the 67th Venice International Film Festival. They are invited to watch and reflect upon films, attend daily discussions and to share their thoughts on the overal experience. 27 Times Cinema is promoted by the European Parliament film award LUX Prize in partnership with Venice Days and Europa Cinemas and with the support from Cineuropa.  

European Film Awards Reviews

James Drew and Colin Moors of review the European Film Awards nominees and winners - every year, in December, the various activities of the European Film Academy culminate in the presentation of the European FIlm Awards, with more than 50 films selected by the Academy for acclaim. Awards are bestowed for direction, acting, screenwriting, cinematography - but do the films pass muster with our critics? See for yourself...  

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