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Building european cinema

Reasons to make a donation
While it is necessary to safeguard European cinema, it is also important to promote it among audiences, who often do not appreciate European films because they have not seen them.

A portal dedicated to European film and audiovisual industries is a successful instrument for affirming, through cinema, a solidarity that unites the many spirits of European culture.

Moreover, the Cineuropa site responds to the expectations of film lovers worldwide in search of original, non-standardised cultural programs and content. The predominance of North American cinema risks contributing to an overwhelming homogenization of the cultures of other countries and continents. European cinema risks becoming increasingly more marginalised and losing its ability to be culturally productive.

With the support of the MEDIA Programme Plus of the European Union and public and private sponsors, out portal gathers information from various European countries and simultaneously offers the inestimable added value of services, data banks, consultations and a network of contacts that arise from interactions between film industries and audiovisual markets as fertile and original as those of our continent. All that and in four languages. However, this is still not enough to remain a point of reference for the industry.

A portal active five days a week, free of charge with content written and posted in four languages, numerous daily updates, news from all of Europe and regularly updated data banks, is very different from a normal Internet service site. This is why we need public and private contributions to carry on our particularly ambitious project.

If you would like to support our site and allow Cineuropa to continue in the direction it has been headed thus far, please make a donation. A small gesture on your part will be of great help.

To make a donation, click here to get in touch with us.

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