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Lisa Whitten

5 months ago

We always enjoy our trips to Christies! I told my husband that I could go in 4 times in one day and see different things. If you are looking for anything, ask Christieshe has items tucked in drawers and under pieces of furniture. She knows where everything is in her store and also has some items that are not in the store, but are for sale. A quaint little shop-dont let the size fool you! Dont miss it!!


Dana H

7 months ago

Christie is truly awesome person, and her store reflects that! Just when you think youve seen everything, you open a drawer and suddenly theres even more little treasures! Shes extremely reasonably priced, and very knowledgeable about her inventory. I bought a few old photographs, and she was able to tell me the story behind some of them! I also got a few pins and pearl necklaces, and just by glancing at them she could tell the time period and where they were made!! Truly could spend forever in her store. I cant recommend her enough!


Jill Cross-Abille

6 months ago

This is a great shop, with a huge variety of items. The owner is very welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable, with a darling little dog, too! And, to top it off, we found a tulip bowl! An item my sister has been in search of for several years! I'll certainly be back.


john muhlbach

7 months ago

I always jump in antique shops like this to find some gifts for mom and aunts. This one felt so authentic and Christie and her pup greeted me with kindness. Hunting through mounds and mounds of China for the perfect piece for mom is super fun and when I got stuck and couldnt find what I was looking for, Christie was able to help me find exactly what I was looking for right away. Ill be back for Xmas, birthday, and moms day.


Joy k

8 months ago

I very rarely take the time to leave a review, but my visit is still quite honestly upsetting me. I was SO excited to visit this shop and upon walking in, although crowded and a bit difficult to navigate it's definitely a treasure trove! However, upon browsing the jewelry I asked to see a ring up close. There was a similar ring similar in both the era, synthetic stone priced at $160. I happen to be an antique/vintage jewelry dealer and am always looking for new places to source treasures and LOVE patroning brick and mortar shops to support... anyway, she hands me the ring and I like it! There was no price and she says ooooh this one would be $2,200!!! I kindly point out the other ring, comparable and she got a bit flustered. I was very up front that I am in the industry for many years. I completely feel she saw the high end jewelry I was wearing that day and decided to take advantage :( for me to take the time to leave this review it's left quite an impression on me. Although I saw a few other things I would have purchased that were priced I did not want to give my hard earned money to someone like this. My advice is to visit this shop for sure as there is a great selection, however be weary of how you dress/what you wear if you plan on inquiring on pieces not priced. Personally, I will not be back as I prefer to shop with someone with better ethics.

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