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Dylan Maver

2 months ago

This place is huge and well organized. Took a while to walk through the whole place. A lot to see. I recommend it.



a week ago

This a big antiques store with many, many, many booths to choose from. The prices are reasonable and we had a great time looking and choosing a few things. The site was clean and comfortable. Will be going back!


Misty Elkins

5 months ago

WOW!! What a great humongous Antique Mall!! This is one of the best ones that I been too. Very clean and spacious. Prices are reasonable and my Husband and I walked out with a cart full of goodies! We will definitely return. If you are looking for good treasures, definitely come here!


Nikki Lynn Koehler

a month ago

It was wonderful but they didn't have what I wanted I want a glass dish green cut to Clear


Wendy Ross

4 months ago

The owner felt I unfairly reviewed them so I will alter my wording to be more exact. I have been coming to Catawba River Antique Mall since they opened. I have made purchases there many times. My last visit, which was on a Saturday, was very disappointing to me. I shop for antiques and they were few and far between. There were customers there shopping and finding items they liked, but I did not. I support Small business at all times. Vendors are having a harder time finding merchandise and brick and mortars are finding it harder to keep going. It is obvious that Catawba has their customers. If you are looking for a place to shop for lots of treasures, It's a good place to walk around. If you are solely looking for antiques, You will still find a few scattered here and there and they have a section of cases filled with glassware and other items. For myself, it is too far for me to come to not be able to find something. I will return if they get more antiques coming in. But for the time being I was just disappointed. And that's about as fair as I can be.

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