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Jessica Collins

a week ago

I'm a professional photographer and I photographed a wedding here. It's gorgeous!!! The staff are friendly and helpful. I left my trigger for my flash there by accident and they messaged me before the week was over to let me know. It was so sweet as those triggers aren't cheap. I appreciate these guys very much and also love the venue setup!


Nalinie Ramnaraine

4 months ago

Highly recommend this winery. There is a selection of wine! Coming from Florida this is our second visit here. The staff and owners are passionate, friendly, and very kind. The history behind the flavors and the name selections are worthwhile. Wonderful vineyard and awesome landscape. *** Date Night is my all time favorite ****


Kizzie Haynes

in the last week

Nice place to be in peace, nature. Thanks to the man who help me back up. Don't park in the rocks unless u know how to drive the wine is SOOO delicious Good place for wedding or honeymooners


Hiz Mum2

6 months ago

I have been here a few times, trying to support local but very disappointed with the lack of customer service. They do not greet you when you walk in; when on the phone won't even look at you, acknowledge you. I have no problem waiting my turn but when you are totally ignored that's just rude. I learned at my first job as a teenager that the in person customer comes first and to always make sure they are greeted and told you will be right with them. I recently thought I'd try again. Walked in and the gal up front was on the phone (another on the phone behind her) and when she finally got off she proceeded to wait on the person that came in after me; looked right over me; still NO acknowledgement whatsoever. They were obviously having an event that day and I'm sure that was keeping them busy and all but wow! to (again) be totally ignored, not acknowledged is just not good customer service at all. Heads up: if you're not a high paying customer that's booked an event you will probably not enjoy the lack of customer service for just dropping in to see what they have offer and possibly enjoy a drink. I may not have spent $100's but I would like to have supported them. Word of mouth speaks volumes. Just sayin'.


Gary Ross

a month ago

I have watched this vineyard grow. I would love the place but their selection in wine is mostly limited to the muscadine grape. It has entertainment on Saturday nights that is usually well attended by locals that know it is there. The neighborhood is not great but I am not aware that there have ever been any problems there. I would be more inclinmed to give it a better rating if their wine selection was much better.

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